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12341 Jefferson Davis
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. My car will not move in reverse. Is it a transmission problem?

Answer:  It could be and most of the time it is a transmission problem.  However, in some vehicle models electrical problems can cause this.  We have ASE certified Mechanics, including the owner, that are able to trouble shoot not just transmission problems but electrical ones as well.  Modern vehicles have computers and other electrical components that can fail causing problems that mimic transmission failure.  AAMCO of Chester has the experience to determine what the problem truly is. 

2. My car just made a loud pop/bang and now it will not move, but it drove just fine before this. Is this a bad transmission?

It could be a transmission problem, but it could also be another drive train component failing. Call AAMCO of Chester and we will look at your vehicle and find out what the problem is.  We can also arrange towing if your car won’t move. 

3. I think I have a transmission problem.  How much will it cost to rebuild or replace it.

Before we can answer that we need to know it is an actual transmission problem.  It is always best to have it checked by a professional first.  Cost varies widely depending on the vehicle make and model and year of the vehicle and how much damage has occurred.  It might not even be the transmission but another problem in the drive train so the only way for us to know is to look at your vehicle in person.  Often shops will give you a low estimate over the phone to get you to bring your vehicle to them but once they open up your transmission the estimate goes up due to the hard part damage.  We don’t use switch and bait tactics but give you an estimate based on the facts once we know what is wrong with your transmission and we stand by the price we quote you.

4. Can I get a new transmission?

No, the only ways transmissions are available are remanufactured, rebuilt, or used.  No one offers new transmissions, even the dealer.  At AAMCO of Chester we have experienced techs on site who can diagnose the problem with your transmission and we will help you to make the best, most economical decision on how to proceed.  There are many factors that go into that decision including the make, model and year of your vehicle and the availability of rebuilt transmissions vs used for your particular vehicle.  Price can vary a great deal and we try to provide you with as much information as possible so you can decide what is right for you.  

5. I am having problems with my car.  Should I continue to drive it.

If you have any doubt,  you should always have it towed.  Continuing to drive can make the problem worse and more costly in the end.  Also, if you question your safety, always have it towed. We work closely with many tow companies and are happy to help you arrange towing or can have it towed in for you.

6. Do you offer financing?

Yes!  We have many financing options and can help you to get financing even if you have poor credit or no credit.  Call us and we’ll be happy to tell you about the financing options we offer.

7. Do you only do transmissions or can you fix my brakes as well?

AAMCO of Chester not only repairs and rebuilds transmission but we also have experienced mechanics that do any kind of auto repair work you need done.  We repair brakes, air conditioning, engines, drive trains etc.  Due to our vast experience, other shops in the Chester area often send work to us that is too complicated to be done by them.  The owner of AAMCO of Chester is Sean Hayden, an ASE Certified Mechanic as well as an ASE Master Automotive Machinist so you can be assured that he and his team of talented mechanics have the experience and knowledge to help you with any issue your car or truck might be experiencing.  

8.  My work truck has a transmission issue.  Do you work on large trucks or just standard cars and trucks.

Yes, we have the capability to work on oversized vehicles.    

9.  I have a vintage car.  Do you do repair work on them?

Yes!  We love to work on vintage cars.  Sean Hayden, owner, has a 1960 Impala, a 1969 Chevy C 10 Truck and a 1970 Nova dedicated drag car.  We are experienced in working on vintage vehicles are are happy to do the work that most shops won’t.

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